Welcome to FIWARE Murano


FIWARE Application Management GEri - Murano provides the basic support for hardware deployment management (virtual servers, networks...) and software installation management. This includes both the application provisioning phase for as well as the on going life-cycle management of applications. The application management services interacts with the Compute service, Image service, and Network service by using the Orchestrator service in order to management the whole infrastructure. Hence, Murano introduces an application catalog to OpenStack, enabling application developers and cloud administrators to publish various cloud-ready applications in a browsable categorized catalog. The main capabilities provided for a cloud hosting user are:

Application Catalogue, including all the software to be instantiated Deploy of complex application configuration in terms of blueprint templates Support for configuration languages (such as puppet or chef) for the installation of the software Manage life cycle of the application

FIWARE Murano source code can be found here.


GitHub's README provides a good documentation summary. The Admin Guide and the User Manual cover more advanced topics.